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10 Must-Dos for Community Call Takers

Over the last few years, the Senior Living space has done an outstanding job attracting top educated talent to the industry. We have become very good at developing and working with complex models and plans in all aspects of the business. But, along the way, some of the very important little things have fallen through the cracks. These little details are specific to sales and marketing and are essential components in relating to prospects and closing a sale. There are … Continue reading “10 Must-Dos for Community Call Takers”

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Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything

When it comes to hitting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets, the best salespeople will tell you that they succeed each and every time by building relationships with their prospects turned residents – some of them have relationships with potential residents for years before they ever move in. That’s the sign of a true salesperson. Prospects value trust, integrity, honesty, and they especially appreciate being treated like a person and not a sale. Roy Barker of Moore Diversified Services … Continue reading “Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything”

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Five Things to Do After Meeting a Prospective Client

  When you run a senior living community, one of the most critical factors in your success is being able to maintain a flow of potential residents. This is highly impacted through an effective meeting and follow-up process. Sales and marketing representatives at senior living communities should never assume that a meeting is the end of the possible relationship; after all, many leads don’t become clients for several years. Many families like to research in advance of actually needing the … Continue reading “Five Things to Do After Meeting a Prospective Client”

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How to Avoid Sounding Like a Pushy Salesperson

The word sales instills fear into the hearts of most people. Why do we have such a distaste for sales? Sales, according to Roy Barker of Moore Diversified Services and, is nothing more than providing a solution for the needs of others. If you let go of the negativity surrounding the idea of sales and just focus on delivering solutions, the entire process can shift for you and your results will be much more positive. Here are seven ways … Continue reading “How to Avoid Sounding Like a Pushy Salesperson”