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Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

by Roy Barker July 21, 2021 Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Have you thought about offering remote work to your employees to attract and retain talent? To use an old saying, “Times they are a-changing!” This has never been truer for the topic of working remotely. The pandemic has shown some professional employees that they can do their job from a remote location outside of the traditional office. The jury is still out on … Continue reading “Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent”

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Mastermind Groups Explained with Beth Cody

In Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Beth Cody about Mastermind Groups. Beth Cody started in Digital Marketing as a way to avoid the typical college trap of delivering pizzas or flipping burgers and found her passion for working with businesses focused on education. Today she works with exhausted business coaches looking to move from six-figures to seven or more with high-ticket online masterminds. Listeners of the Business of Business Podcast can contact Beth directly at 386-965-2094 to schedule a … Continue reading “Mastermind Groups Explained with Beth Cody”

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Developing A Content Calendar with Heather Deveaux

In Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Heather Deveaux about the importance of developing a content calendar to aid in planning and posting content to your preferred channels. Heather Deveaux is a freelance writer and loves helping clients who need specialized content for websites, blogs, or other writing needs. Heather’s unique ability to create content that conveys your message to customers will result in more value, more authority, and more sales. Heather can be reached at and see her new project The … Continue reading “Developing A Content Calendar with Heather Deveaux”

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Building a Diverse Team

Diversity in today’s workplace is a must. In today’s ever politically correct workplace, business managers are compelled to hire a vast range of individuals. Many times, those responsible for hiring struggle with leveling the playing field with a diverse enough group of individuals that also make up an effective workforce. However, diversity not only relates to gender and ethnicity, but can also pertain to opinion, skills and background. A wide variety of workers from all of these areas can stimulate a … Continue reading “Building a Diverse Team”

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Are Companies With Greater Diversity More Profitable?

Diversity is a Strategy Diversity in the workforce is a growing topic for many big companies. With women becoming more a part of the working class, even more than they did in the past, and with African-American’s and Hispanics playing an important role of leadership in America, many are beginning to see the benefits of having various races and genders fill spots in their company. A recent report by Pew Research has shown that companies with great diversity are more … Continue reading “Are Companies With Greater Diversity More Profitable?”