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Never Give Up in Sales

Never Give Up! Pursue Prospects Like You Mean It In senior living sales and marketing it’s easy to get beat down with no’s, maybes, I’m just not ready, or I found another community.  The reasons seem endless and can be very discouraging. But what makes the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding sales professional assuming both have the basics like a friendly, outgoing personality, knowledge of the industry, and communication skills is persistence.  For senior housing professionals; never give … Continue reading “Never Give Up in Sales”

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What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not

This statement could not be any truer than in today’s “go-go-go” society. We are all so busy running here and there, always with a connected device in our hands, going 90 miles an hour. Sometimes we may not take the time to really understand situations and we make assumptions based on what we see on the surface. Are we paying attention, asking questions, really listening to the answers or are we just hurrying to move on to the next thing? … Continue reading “What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not”

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Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything

When it comes to hitting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets, the best salespeople will tell you that they succeed each and every time by building relationships with their prospects turned residents – some of them have relationships with potential residents for years before they ever move in. That’s the sign of a true salesperson. Prospects value trust, integrity, honesty, and they especially appreciate being treated like a person and not a sale. Roy Barker of Moore Diversified Services … Continue reading “Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything”