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10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is an area most businesses can improve on.  In the heat of the moment with deadlines, phones ringing, and customers that need servicing, this is one area where shortcuts are often taken.  With the average entry-level worker costing approximately $7,500 to turnover, executives reaching 200% of their yearly salary, and some technical workers up to 400% of their yearly salary, this shortcut can be a costly proposition. Thought we’d start the year off with a list of critical … Continue reading “10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention”

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Are you a Dunks or Starbucks?

As I was getting my morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts, I was looking around and had a stark realization. Dunks and Starbucks are both very successful business models that serve basically the same products and yet have very different environments and price points. Coming from the South I had never given it much thought, it was pretty much Starbucks with Dunks just starting to develop properties in the area. But now, after residing in the Boston area for some time, … Continue reading “Are you a Dunks or Starbucks?”

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Senior Livings New Information Paradigm

There has been a new day dawning concerning the flow of information in Senior Living industry the last few years. Some in marketing/sales have gotten this and some haven’t quite embraced the movement yet. The larger movement has been from transaction-based selling to relationship building. Transaction-based selling is where the sales person shows the prospect the living unit and dining area and then does a 30-minute information dump about their community.

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What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not

This statement could not be any truer than in today’s “go-go-go” society. We are all so busy running here and there, always with a connected device in our hands, going 90 miles an hour. Sometimes we may not take the time to really understand situations and we make assumptions based on what we see on the surface. Are we paying attention, asking questions, really listening to the answers or are we just hurrying to move on to the next thing? … Continue reading “What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not”

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10 Must-Dos for Community Call Takers

Over the last few years, the Senior Living space has done an outstanding job attracting top educated talent to the industry. We have become very good at developing and working with complex models and plans in all aspects of the business. But, along the way, some of the very important little things have fallen through the cracks. These little details are specific to sales and marketing and are essential components in relating to prospects and closing a sale. There are … Continue reading “10 Must-Dos for Community Call Takers”