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Senior Livings New Information Paradigm

There has been a new day dawning concerning the flow of information in Senior Living industry the last few years. Some in marketing/sales have gotten this and some haven’t quite embraced the movement yet. The larger movement has been from transaction-based selling to relationship building. Transaction-based selling is where the sales person shows the prospect the living unit and dining area and then does a 30-minute information dump about their community.

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Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything

When it comes to hitting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets, the best salespeople will tell you that they succeed each and every time by building relationships with their prospects turned residents – some of them have relationships with potential residents for years before they ever move in. That’s the sign of a true salesperson. Prospects value trust, integrity, honesty, and they especially appreciate being treated like a person and not a sale. Roy Barker of Moore Diversified Services … Continue reading “Stop Selling Your Product and Start Selling Yourself: Tips to Sell Anything”