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Executive Management Challenges for 2018

How much thought have you given to what 2018 will bring? The new year is quickly approaching, and everyone is scrambling to finish off 2017 with a bang. Many executive management and leadership teams will be thinking about all the great things to come and will be planning for successes in 2018. Many more will be riding the waves of success they had in 2017 for a while and hoping it will get them through the first quarter of the … Continue reading “Executive Management Challenges for 2018”

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Managers Must Manage

It might seem a bit redundant to declare that managers must manage, but numerous studies have shown that managers are doing less and less to manage work and people in the workplace. There has been an upward trend toward more paper pushing, allowing employees autonomy, and giving them freedoms to perform work as they see fit, and that’s all well and good, but the work still needs to get done, and not every employee is suited for an autonomous working … Continue reading “Managers Must Manage”

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How to Conduct Motivational One-on-One Meetings to Maximize Employee Engagement

Nothing can cause an employee’s blood pressure to go through the roof than the thought of a looming evaluation. If you want to create a culture of transparency and collaboration, you need to get away from conducting “employee evaluations” and start moving toward more frequent one-on-one meetings. There a number of benefits to holding regular one-on-one meetings which include; not having to wait six months or even a year to talk about issues that have come about since your last … Continue reading “How to Conduct Motivational One-on-One Meetings to Maximize Employee Engagement”

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How to Conduct Motivational Meetings That Make a Difference

Everyone would like to believe that they are good at holding corporate meetings. After all, as the boss or manager, it is likely something you have to do on a regular basis. But the truth is that most people hate meetings, and you might even hate running them as much as your employees hate attending them. So if you want to switch things up and find a way to make meetings more enjoyable for everyone, here’s how you can conduct … Continue reading “How to Conduct Motivational Meetings That Make a Difference”