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Was That Really The Question? Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement

The other day I saw this question posed to others in a forum, “what do you do to show your employees they are involved?” The obvious answer to me was, don’t just try to show them, actually get them involved. I’m sure the intent of the question was supposed to be “how do you involve your employees,” but it didn’t really come across that way. This does bring up the question of do you only do things to try to … Continue reading “Was That Really The Question? Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement”

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10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is an area most businesses can improve on.  In the heat of the moment with deadlines, phones ringing, and customers that need servicing, this is one area where shortcuts are often taken.  With the average entry-level worker costing approximately $7,500 to turnover, executives reaching 200% of their yearly salary, and some technical workers up to 400% of their yearly salary, this shortcut can be a costly proposition. Thought we’d start the year off with a list of critical … Continue reading “10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention”

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Executive Management Challenges for 2018

How much thought have you given to what 2018 will bring? The new year is quickly approaching, and everyone is scrambling to finish off 2017 with a bang. Many executive management and leadership teams will be thinking about all the great things to come and will be planning for successes in 2018. Many more will be riding the waves of success they had in 2017 for a while and hoping it will get them through the first quarter of the … Continue reading “Executive Management Challenges for 2018”

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How to Conduct Motivational One-on-One Meetings to Maximize Employee Engagement

Nothing can cause an employee’s blood pressure to go through the roof than the thought of a looming evaluation. If you want to create a culture of transparency and collaboration, you need to get away from conducting “employee evaluations” and start moving toward more frequent one-on-one meetings. There a number of benefits to holding regular one-on-one meetings which include; not having to wait six months or even a year to talk about issues that have come about since your last … Continue reading “How to Conduct Motivational One-on-One Meetings to Maximize Employee Engagement”

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How to Set the Tone to Keep Employees for the Long Haul

  It happens every day: your best and brightest employees up and leave with little warning. You shake your head and wonder what has happened to cause them to decide to go after years of dedicated service? As the manager, you might immediately assume that it is because the employee was snatched up by a more prominent firm who can offer them more money, but in most cases, you’d be wrong. Countless studies show that income is only one piece … Continue reading “How to Set the Tone to Keep Employees for the Long Haul”