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Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

by Roy Barker July 21, 2021 Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent Have you thought about offering remote work to your employees to attract and retain talent? To use an old saying, “Times they are a-changing!” This has never been truer for the topic of working remotely. The pandemic has shown some professional employees that they can do their job from a remote location outside of the traditional office. The jury is still out on … Continue reading “Offering Remote Work Is Key to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent”

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Roy Barker Featured on Profit With A Plan Podcast

Roy Barker was recently featured on the Profit With A Plan Podcast hosted by Marcia Riner speaking about employee retention. You can also see the full interview on Youtube Here are ten important areas to focus in order to increase employee retention: Market for talent, more than an advertisement Initial screening Orientation/onboarding Job-specific training/feedback Provide a mentor Ongoing training opportunities Create opportunities for advancement Challenge employees Praise employees Develop an awesome company culture Really get to know your employee Other … Continue reading “Roy Barker Featured on Profit With A Plan Podcast”

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Leadership Development Podcast with Jeffrey Davidson

Leadership development is a crucial factor in employee retention. I was fortunate enough to speak with Jeffrey Davidson with Great Team LTD on the subject. Jeffrey Davidson has been exploring the boundaries of world-class teams for over 20 years. As a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams, he has worked with 100s of teams, taught thousands of employees, and consulted with multiple Fortune 100 corporations. By the age of 35, Jeffrey had been both director at a start-up and president of a … Continue reading “Leadership Development Podcast with Jeffrey Davidson”

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10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention

  Employee retention is an area most businesses can improve on. In the heat of the moment with deadlines, phones ringing, and customers that need servicing, this is one area where short cuts are often taken. With the average entry level worker costing approximately $7,500 to turnover and executives reaching 200% of their yearly salary and some technical workers up to 400% of their yearly salary, this shortcut can be a costly proposition. Thought we’d start the year off with … Continue reading “10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention”