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Senior Livings New Information Paradigm

There has been a new day dawning concerning the flow of information in Senior Living industry the last few years. Some in marketing/sales have gotten this and some haven’t quite embraced the movement yet. The larger movement has been from transaction-based selling to relationship building. Transaction-based selling is where the sales person shows the prospect the living unit and dining area and then does a 30-minute information dump about their community.

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What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not

This statement could not be any truer than in today’s “go-go-go” society. We are all so busy running here and there, always with a connected device in our hands, going 90 miles an hour. Sometimes we may not take the time to really understand situations and we make assumptions based on what we see on the surface. Are we paying attention, asking questions, really listening to the answers or are we just hurrying to move on to the next thing? … Continue reading “What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not”

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3 Benefits of Social Media for Senior Living Communities

A significant misconception among many people in the senior living industry still exists.  It’s believed that social media isn’t for this “type” of business and think it’s too modern to have much benefit for their business. This belief could not be farther from the truth. In general, 92 percent of marketers believe social media marketing is invaluable to their business. However, this is not the case, social media isn’t a fad and has proven measurable business outcomes. It’s no longer … Continue reading “3 Benefits of Social Media for Senior Living Communities”

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What’s the Difference Between Strategies and Tactics?

  You need a map and a plan to move your business forward. People often go about running their businesses without ever giving much thought to the future — other than they want to continue to be operating and be successful. Having a plan of attack is vital to the success of any business, no matter how big or small and understanding the differences between strategies and tactics can help you achieve all of your goals. So let’s get to … Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between Strategies and Tactics?”

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7 Ways to Connect With Your Senior Living Prospects

What will make your senior living community stand out from the rest? After all, some communities that have a steady stream of new residents every month while others struggle to find new residents. To find the answer to these questions, you have to look at your community through the eyes of your prospective residents and their families. What kind of message do you communicate to them during tours and in your marketing materials? Are you able to form a connection … Continue reading “7 Ways to Connect With Your Senior Living Prospects”