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Building a Diverse Team

Diversity in today’s workplace is a must. In today’s ever politically correct workplace, business managers are compelled to hire a vast range of individuals. Many times, those responsible for hiring struggle with leveling the playing field with a diverse enough group of individuals that also make up an effective workforce. However, diversity not only relates to gender and ethnicity, but can also pertain to opinion, skills and background. A wide variety of workers from all of these areas can stimulate a … Continue reading “Building a Diverse Team”

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Are Companies With Greater Diversity More Profitable?

Diversity is a Strategy Diversity in the workforce is a growing topic for many big companies. With women becoming more a part of the working class, even more than they did in the past, and with African-American’s and Hispanics playing an important role of leadership in America, many are beginning to see the benefits of having various races and genders fill spots in their company. A recent report by Pew Research has shown that companies with great diversity are more … Continue reading “Are Companies With Greater Diversity More Profitable?”

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What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not

This statement could not be any truer than in today’s “go-go-go” society. We are all so busy running here and there, always with a connected device in our hands, going 90 miles an hour. Sometimes we may not take the time to really understand situations and we make assumptions based on what we see on the surface. Are we paying attention, asking questions, really listening to the answers or are we just hurrying to move on to the next thing? … Continue reading “What You See is What You Get, Unless it’s Not”

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Managers Must Manage

It might seem a bit redundant to declare that managers must manage, but numerous studies have shown that managers are doing less and less to manage work and people in the workplace. There has been an upward trend toward more paper pushing, allowing employees autonomy, and giving them freedoms to perform work as they see fit, and that’s all well and good, but the work still needs to get done, and not every employee is suited for an autonomous working … Continue reading “Managers Must Manage”

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The Importance of Process Mapping for Business Operations

Business owners and managers can get so caught up in the excitement of their day to day business. It’s understandable, business is exciting, and most business owners and managers are getting into business to spend time doing what they love and where their passion lies. They don’t usually get into business to push paper and sort files. Because of this common disconnect, many business ventures can find themselves one, two, or even three years into operation and they don’t have … Continue reading “The Importance of Process Mapping for Business Operations”