About Roy

About Roy

Roy Barker

Roy Barker, sales and Marketing

Growing up in Texas all I ever wanted to be was a pickup man in the rodeo. They sat at the end of the arena on those big beautiful horses at the ready to jump in and “control the chaos” when the rough stock cowboys got in trouble. Then the realities of adulting took over.

Early on I fell into a job analyzing where troubles were and what the fix would be. I have been hooked on process improvement ever since and love that it involves analyzing data, collaborating as a team to create solutions, implementing the planned corrective actions, and monitoring for continued success.

My partner Terry and I are living our best lives here in Fort Worth, TX. We each have two grown children and four grandchildren between us. The area in which we live is amazing. There is a live creek behind the house surrounded by 100s of protected acres of land and trees. It provides the illusion of being far away from civilization with the convenience of a grocery store two miles away. We wake up to deer at our back door every morning. Along with the turkeys, raccoons, armadillos, foxes, bobcats, alligators (yes, alligators in North Texas), and the occasional mountain lion. We could do without the snakes, but they are part of the package.

When I am not chopping and moving wood in the back, I love to read all non-fiction books. From biographies to business strategy, marketing, SEO, cyber security, and more.

I was a little late in realizing the value of education, but I did finally get with the program.

BBA – Finance – The University of North Texas

MS – Gerontology – Toulouse Graduate School, The University of North Texas

Current working on:

– Obtained Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

– Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

– Project Management Certificate through UC – Irvine

– Cyber Security Certificate – Palo Alto Networks

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