Roy Barker Featured on Profit With A Plan Podcast

Roy Barker was recently featured on the Profit With A Plan Podcast hosted by Marcia Riner speaking about employee retention.

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Here are ten important areas to focus in order to increase employee retention:

  1. Market for talent, more than an advertisement
  2. Initial screening
  3. Orientation/onboarding
  4. Job-specific training/feedback
  5. Provide a mentor
  6. Ongoing training opportunities
  7. Create opportunities for advancement
  8. Challenge employees
  9. Praise employees
  10. Develop an awesome company culture
  11. Really get to know your employee

Other talking points from the podcast:

  • Be present – you need to be the mayor of your workspace, shaking hands and kissing babies.
  • Go beyond the Golden Rule- treat people the way you want to be treated and go platinum, treat people the way they want to be treated
  • Communication is key
  • Communication is 2 way, we should listen more than we talk, thats wehy we have 2 ears and 1 mouth
  • Especially important with COVID, this has manifested with employees feeling a lot of different emotions
  • If they have been working from home, may have to develop a plan to keep going forward
  • Know their personalities, are they better at home or in office environment
  • Ask for help from employees
  • Be visible
  • Open, honest, transparent
  • Growth opportunities for employees
  • Ensure the success of your employees and they will ensure the success of your business
  • Question was “how to show your employees they are involved”? don’t just try to show them, but really involve them.
  • Concerning training, CFO to CEO, “we cant afford to keep training our employees only to have them leave”, CEO to CFO, “we cant afford to not train them and have them stay”
  • Have FUN
  • Say “Thank You” often
  • Be an employer or choice, not an employer of last resort

Roy Barker Featured on Podcast

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