Get Access to a Great Tool

toolI wanted to share one of my most requested template downloads from 2017.  This is a great tool to visually show your professional staff the financial impact of filling or not filling one more unit. 

The premise behind this template is that once you reach a certain occupancy level, the actual cost of adding one more resident is significantly lower, therefore adding exponentially to the bottom line. This is due to sunk fixed cost already being covered. If you have 90 of 100 units filled, you will not have to add an Executive Director, Director of Nursing, Chef, or other cost.

Depending upon acuity levels, you may have enough existing staff to cover the new resident(s). It is also highly likely there will be enough raw food to put together an extra plate or two at meal time. Of course there will be a limit to how many residents you can add before expenses such as more staff and raw food is needed, it will be more of a stair-step increase, not linear. 

For that next 1-3 resident I conservatively estimate that the cost will be approximately 30% of the existing monthly service fee. Some of my existing clients have reported being in the 10% – 15% range. Each property will have its own special dynamics, which is why I have allow for adjustment in the additional cost factor.

Just click on the link below to open and download. 

Hope this adds value to your organization in 2018.