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Executive Management Challenges for 2018

How much thought have you given to what 2018 will bring? The new year is quickly approaching, and everyone is scrambling to finish off 2017 with a bang. Many executive management and leadership teams will be thinking about all the great things to come and will be planning for successes in 2018. Many more will be riding the waves of success they had in 2017 for a while and hoping it will get them through the first quarter of the … Continue reading “Executive Management Challenges for 2018”

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What’s the Difference Between Strategies and Tactics?

  You need a map and a plan to move your business forward. People often go about running their businesses without ever giving much thought to the future — other than they want to continue to be operating and be successful. Having a plan of attack is vital to the success of any business, no matter how big or small and understanding the differences between strategies and tactics can help you achieve all of your goals. So let’s get to … Continue reading “What’s the Difference Between Strategies and Tactics?”

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Strategic and Operational Planning: Two Become One

While they are different in form and function, strategic planning and operational planning must work together. For an organization to optimize human resources, time, energy, finances and more, a company needs both. Strategic planning is the long-term plan for your organization which includes things like the vision, mission, and values of your company. Operational planning is complementary to strategic planning by outlining how to execute on those visions, missions, and values on a daily basis.

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Strategic Planning vs. Operational Planning in Senior Living: What’s the Difference?

Strategic planning and operational planning are two very different and very essential pieces to the business puzzle.  They are also areas of the business planning process that seem to fall to the wayside.  First, by not understanding what purpose each plan is meant to serve and secondly, not understanding the difference.  But they are different. How different, you ask? Let’s find out. Strategic Planning Strategic planning is the foundation of any business. Without it, business owners can wander aimlessly throughout … Continue reading “Strategic Planning vs. Operational Planning in Senior Living: What’s the Difference?”

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More Wage Pressure Could Be On The Horizon!

  In a proposed plan by the White House, more exempt employees will be eligible for overtime compensation. Not long ago I wrote a piece on the impact of increasing wages through both higher minimum wages and entry level wages in Is Your Business Prepared for the $15-An-Hour Entry Level Worker? Now, you should not only consider the impact of rising wages for hourly workers, but also potential wage impacts related to exempt employees. The proposed plan by the White … Continue reading “More Wage Pressure Could Be On The Horizon!”