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Mastermind Groups Explained with Beth Cody

In Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Beth Cody about Mastermind Groups. Beth Cody started in Digital Marketing as a way to avoid the typical college trap of delivering pizzas or flipping burgers and found her passion for working with businesses focused on education. Today she works with exhausted business coaches looking to move from six-figures to seven or more with high-ticket online masterminds. Listeners of the Business of Business Podcast can contact Beth directly at 386-965-2094 to schedule a … Continue reading “Mastermind Groups Explained with Beth Cody”

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Increase Occupancy Through Better Sales Teams: Predictive Index

In episode 4 I talk with Marty Ramseck about using the Predictive Index Assessment to make better hiring decisions and enhance communication among sales teams. Marty has cultivated 30 years of experience in hands-on sales management and double-digit growth in every one of his ventures. He has worked for companies such as Vintage Senior Living, LivHOME, Sunrise Senior Living, CORT, and Cigna. In order to deliver record-breaking sales in highly competitive fields, Marty had to have an advantage over others … Continue reading “Increase Occupancy Through Better Sales Teams: Predictive Index”

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Content as Part of Your Marketing Program with Heather Deveaux

The Senior Living Sales and Marketing Podcast Episode 3 features an interview with Heather Deveaux freelance writer discussing the importance of content in today’s sales and marketing. Heather loves helping clients who need specialized content for websites, blogs, or other writing needs. Heather’s unique ability to create content that conveys your message to customers will result in more value, more authority, and more sales. Heather can be reached at and see her new project The Freelance Writing School at You can find out more about … Continue reading “Content as Part of Your Marketing Program with Heather Deveaux”

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Roy Barker Talking Marketing On Sink or Swim Podcast.

Roy Barker was recently a featured guest talking about small business marketing on the Sink or Swim Podcast, produced by Will Hanke and Amber Hanke at Red Canoe Media. Speaker 1: It’s time for another episode of Sink Or Swim. The podcast that helps you keep afloat in a sea of business marketing options. Learn what other business owners are doing to keep their businesses thriving and growing, and what almost sunk their ship. Join the voyage, as Red Canoe … Continue reading “Roy Barker Talking Marketing On Sink or Swim Podcast.”

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Never Give Up in Sales

Never Give Up! Pursue Prospects Like You Mean It In senior living sales and marketing it’s easy to get beat down with no’s, maybes, I’m just not ready, or I found another community.  The reasons seem endless and can be very discouraging. But what makes the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding sales professional assuming both have the basics like a friendly, outgoing personality, knowledge of the industry, and communication skills is persistence.  For senior housing professionals; never give … Continue reading “Never Give Up in Sales”