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Developing A Content Calendar with Heather Deveaux

In Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Heather Deveaux about the importance of developing a content calendar to aid in planning and posting content to your preferred channels. Heather Deveaux is a freelance writer and loves helping clients who need specialized content for websites, blogs, or other writing needs. Heather’s unique ability to create content that conveys your message to customers will result in more value, more authority, and more sales. Heather can be reached at and see her new project The … Continue reading “Developing A Content Calendar with Heather Deveaux”

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Use A RACI Matrix To Assign Organizational Responsibility

When you’re a growing organization, there are a lot of moving parts that need to manage. And depending on the complexity of the organization and how many people are involved, managing it can be frustrating. What often happens in companies is that there is a disconnect between various team members about what they believe their role is. This disconnect can result in confusion, unbalanced workloads among team members, and poor communication. Before you find yourself in this scenario, it can … Continue reading “Use A RACI Matrix To Assign Organizational Responsibility”

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Get Access to a Great Tool

I wanted to share one of my most requested template downloads from 2017.  This is a great tool to visually show your professional staff the financial impact of filling or not filling one more unit.  The premise behind this template is that once you reach a certain occupancy level, the actual cost of adding one more resident is significantly lower, therefore adding exponentially to the bottom line. This is due to sunk fixed cost already being covered. If you have 90 … Continue reading “Get Access to a Great Tool”

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Executive Management Challenges for 2018

How much thought have you given to what 2018 will bring? The new year is quickly approaching, and everyone is scrambling to finish off 2017 with a bang. Many executive management and leadership teams will be thinking about all the great things to come and will be planning for successes in 2018. Many more will be riding the waves of success they had in 2017 for a while and hoping it will get them through the first quarter of the … Continue reading “Executive Management Challenges for 2018”

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The Importance of Process Mapping for Business Operations

Business owners and managers can get so caught up in the excitement of their day to day business. It’s understandable, business is exciting, and most business owners and managers are getting into business to spend time doing what they love and where their passion lies. They don’t usually get into business to push paper and sort files. Because of this common disconnect, many business ventures can find themselves one, two, or even three years into operation and they don’t have … Continue reading “The Importance of Process Mapping for Business Operations”