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Get Access to a Great Tool

I wanted to share one of my most requested template downloads from 2017.  This is a great tool to visually show your professional staff the financial impact of filling or not filling one more unit.  The premise behind this template is that once you reach a certain occupancy level, the actual cost of adding one more resident is significantly lower, therefore adding exponentially to the bottom line. This is due to sunk fixed cost already being covered. If you have 90 … Continue reading “Get Access to a Great Tool”

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Net Neutrality: What it is and Why it’s so Important

I typically write about business and the senior living industry, but I decided to tackle a new subject with this blog post:  net neutrality. It might seem off-topic, but it could actually have a very real impact on the senior living industry. And it definitely has the potential to affect all of us in our personal lives. I want to be upfront about the fact that I likely don’t have all the details and my knowledge might be limited in … Continue reading “Net Neutrality: What it is and Why it’s so Important”

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22 Productivity Tools I Use Daily

I am a self-confessed gadget junky. I enjoy trying out all kinds of new gadgets, computer programs, and applications. As we ease into 2018, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Deviating from listing obvious choices such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, or other well-known software applications I listed a little more off beat ones. Most of which I use on a daily basis.

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How to Conduct Motivational Meetings That Make a Difference

Everyone would like to believe that they are good at holding corporate meetings. After all, as the boss or manager, it is likely something you have to do on a regular basis. But the truth is that most people hate meetings, and you might even hate running them as much as your employees hate attending them. So if you want to switch things up and find a way to make meetings more enjoyable for everyone, here’s how you can conduct … Continue reading “How to Conduct Motivational Meetings That Make a Difference”

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More Wage Pressure Could Be On The Horizon!

  In a proposed plan by the White House, more exempt employees will be eligible for overtime compensation. Not long ago I wrote a piece on the impact of increasing wages through both higher minimum wages and entry level wages in Is Your Business Prepared for the $15-An-Hour Entry Level Worker? Now, you should not only consider the impact of rising wages for hourly workers, but also potential wage impacts related to exempt employees. The proposed plan by the White … Continue reading “More Wage Pressure Could Be On The Horizon!”