Build an Audience for Your Senior Living Community Blog

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Where do you start?

There is no easier way to build engagement and create a following for your senior living community than through content creation for your website and blog. While many organizations are moving toward video content and visuals, the written word remains essential for SEO purposes and rankings on search engines, such as Google.

When you are trying to build a following for your community blog, it can be overwhelming to think about how you are going to come up with a never-ending supply of topics to fill endless pages of content. But don’t fret, Roy Barker of Moore Diversified Services and has several suggestions on how you can target audiences and increase your readership through your senior living community blog.

Don’t Write About Your Community All the Time

While many prospective residents want to read about life at your senior living community, you need to find a way to showcase your community without talking only about yourself. Rather than boasting about your community activities, interview residents, family members, and other community members to get their perspective on life as a resident and the events that happen in the community.

This is a great way to “toot your own horn” without actually writing “we are awesome” in plain English. Readers will appreciate different points of view from your residents and family members so they can get a variety of perspectives on what it is like to live in your community.

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Forget the Fluff

Your community blog needs to provide relevant and useful information for your residents and your potential residents. You shouldn’t just post information about what everyone has been eating all week or bingo; you’ll want to include information about how to choose the right senior living community, what to look for in a community, what are residents day-to-day like, health concerns, favorite activities and more informative pieces.

Don’t just ramble on about things that won’t bring your readers back. You want to educate your senior living residents and potential residents about community life and how they can get involved in making the community better. Helpful topics include how to keep a home tidy for seniors, healthy eating habits, low-impact exercises and more.

Be Real

Readers can smell a fraud a mile away. When you sit down to compose your community blog posts, be sure to be candid and authentic in your writing. You don’t need to pretend to be anything but yourself when you are writing your blogs. Readers will appreciate the authenticity in your words, and they will come back for the thoughtfulness in which you prepare your blog posts.

A great way to do this is to showcase a community member, staff member, or an event that has happened in the community. Interviewing people and getting quotes also shows that you put some thought into your writing and didn’t just write down a bunch of sterile facts. The more engaging your senior living community blog is, the more readers you are likely to attract.

Create a Schedule and Stick to it

When it comes to writing, the easiest way to kill a blog is to stop posting content. Don’t let other responsibilities be an excuse for inconsistent blogging. Don’t tell yourself that blogging is not crucial to your senior living sales and marketing – it is so important. Consistency is vital when it comes to delivery insightful and useful content to your readers. By establishing a schedule, readers will know when to check your blog, and they can come to trust your commitment to the community blogging site. If you need help scheduling your writing time, try dedicating time in your calendar each week to draft a post, edit it and then post it.

Use Great Headlines

Nothing gets a reader’s attention faster than a great headline. Great headlines can take some work, but with a little help from Roy Barker at Moore Diversified Services and you can learn to craft eye-catching blog titles that will have your readers wanting more. Play around with a few ideas and see how they do with your readers, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your readers about which posts were their favorites and why. It’s a great way to get feedback and create reader engagement in the same step!

Calls to Action

If you are going to engage your readers in any meaningful way you want to have a call to action in every blog post. While you shouldn’t expect every reader to click a link or sign up for an event, you should at least ask them to leave a comment or encourage them to ask questions about your senior living community and services. You can create polls and questionnaires on your blog that can have your reader participating in your research and provide feedback on your blog.

Promote, Promote, Promote

It can’t be stressed how important blog promotion is these days. There is so much noise on most topics on any particular day, you really need to stand out above the rest. Typical bloggers will spend hours writing the perfect article. They will labor over headlines, grammar, word usage, spelling and all the other ingredients that make a good blog. Then, at midnight, they finally hit post on the blog and sit back and have another cup of coffee. Then a few days later they wonder why they’ve had six visitors and no comments or feedback.

The answer is usually not enough promotion. The are many ways to promote your blog from a simple list of names to generating quality backlinks. Because that topic is so complex, there will be an upcoming blog based just on promotion. The general rule of thumb today is to spend 20 percent of your allotted time writing and editing the article and the other 80 percent promoting it. It serves no purpose to have a great article that is never seen.

Building a readership for your senior living community blog can take time. Don’t forget to spread the word about your blog on social media and through emails and newsletters that you are already sending out. Don’t be shy about telling people you have a great community blog and be sure to tell people where they can find it. Include links to your blog in all of your correspondence, especially emails to prospects and/or their families. And don’t make the mistake of telling yourself no one wants to read your blog – people love blogs, especially thoughtful, helpful, and well-written ones that provide them with information that they are already looking for related to senior living communities.