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Leadership Development Podcast with Jeffrey Davidson

Leadership development is a crucial factor in employee retention. I was fortunate enough to speak with Jeffrey Davidson with Great Team LTD on the subject. Jeffrey Davidson has been exploring the boundaries of world-class teams for over 20 years. As a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams, he has worked with 100s of teams, taught thousands of employees, and consulted with multiple Fortune 100 corporations. By the age of 35, Jeffrey had been both director at a start-up and president of a … Continue reading “Leadership Development Podcast with Jeffrey Davidson”

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Content Creation Podcast with Heather Deveaux

The Business of Business Podcast Episode 2 features an interview with Heather Deveaux freelance writer discussing content creation. Heather loves helping clients who need specialized content for websites, blogs, or other writing needs. Heather’s unique ability to create content that conveys your message to customers will result in more value, more authority, and more sales. Heather can be reached at www.heatherdeveaux.comand see her new project The Freelance Writing School at You can find out more about Roy Barker at and listen to his other podcast … Continue reading “Content Creation Podcast with Heather Deveaux”

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Reputation Management and Local SEO Podcast with Ken Tucker

Roy Barker speaks with Ken Tucker about reputation management and local search engine optimization SEO. Ken is the founder of Changescape Web and specializes in search engine optimization, website design, reputation management, social media marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation. (You can see the full transcript at Ken is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, a Master Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant, an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional (since 2010), and an SEO for Growth Consultant. Ken is the author of Social Media Marketing for … Continue reading “Reputation Management and Local SEO Podcast with Ken Tucker”