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Choose Your Own Biography

We Decide Our Own Path As we close 2017, most of us are still planning for both business and personal success in 2018. Some of us may have realized our 2017 plans did not work out as we had originally intended. This realization doesn’t mean we have to throw up our hands and pack it in for 2018. Rather we, at any time, can effect and create the change we desire in our lives! I listened to an inspiring interview … Continue reading “Choose Your Own Biography”

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10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is an area most businesses can improve on.  In the heat of the moment with deadlines, phones ringing, and customers that need servicing, this is one area where shortcuts are often taken.  With the average entry-level worker costing approximately $7,500 to turnover, executives reaching 200% of their yearly salary, and some technical workers up to 400% of their yearly salary, this shortcut can be a costly proposition. Thought we’d start the year off with a list of critical … Continue reading “10 Critical Steps to Increase Employee Retention”

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Are you a Dunks or Starbucks?

As I was getting my morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts, I was looking around and had a stark realization. Dunks and Starbucks are both very successful business models that serve basically the same products and yet have very different environments and price points. Coming from the South I had never given it much thought, it was pretty much Starbucks with Dunks just starting to develop properties in the area. But now, after residing in the Boston area for some time, … Continue reading “Are you a Dunks or Starbucks?”